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What is the Image of your self

Posted by psydetect on February 3, 2007

After reading Avanoo’s article about Lessons on How to Turn Big Failures into Big Successes  I remember the time when i was a F- type student in my high school years. It makes me have a long time to learn on my failures and inferiorities time by time. Let me share with you my learnd experience on how can change your self in a very practical ways.

The new science of self-image psychology made posible an important breakthrough in the field of psychology. I myself take no credit for the breakthrough, other than the recognition of it. The self image is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self image and you change the personality and the behavior. It defines what you can and cannot do. Expand the self image and you expand the “area of the possible.” There is an abundance of scientific evidence which shows that the human brain and nervous system operate purposefully in accordance with the known principles of self image psychology. This was also shows that any breakthrough in science is likely to come outside the system like in Quantum physics and some spiritual texts like kabbalah. According to the famous plastic surgeon in his remarkable discovery :

 . “Experts” are the thoroughly familiar with the developed knowledge inside the prescribed boundaries of a given science. Any new knowledge must usually come from the outside- not by ” experts”, but by what someone has defined as an “Inpert.”-Maxwell Maltz. M.D. F.I.C.S.

Pasteur was not an M.D. The Wright brothers were not aeronautical engineers but bicycle mechanics. Einstein, properly speaking , was not a a physicist but a mathematician. Yet his findings in mathematics completely turned upside down all the pet the theories in physics. Madame Curie was not an M.D but physicist, yet she made important conributions to medical science.

There is an aboundance of scientific evidence which shows that the human brain and nervous system operate purposefully in accordance with the known principles of self-image psychology  to accomplish goals of the individual. Insofar as functions is concerned, the brain and nervous system constitute a marvelous and complex “goal-striving mechanism,” a sort of built in automatic guidance system which works for you as a success mechanism, or against you as “failure mechanisms,” depending on how “YOU” the operator, operate it and the goals you set for it.

Experiencing is the secret. The self image is changed, for the better of worse, not by intellect alone, nor by intellectual knowledge alone, but by “experiencing.” Wittingly or unwittingly you developed your self image by your creative experiencing in the past. You can change it by the method. It is not the child who is taught about love but the child who has expericed love that  grows into a healthy, happy, well-adjusted adult. Our present state of self-confidence and poise is the result of what we have “experienced” rather than what we have learnd intellectually. It also bridges the gap and resolves apparent conflicts between the various therapeutic methods used today. It furnishes a common denominator for direct and indirect counselling, clinical psychology, psychoanalysis, and even auto-suggestion. All in one way or another use creative experiencing to build a better self image. Regardless of theories, this is what really happens, for example, in the “therapeutic situation” employed by the psychoanalytical school: The analyst never criticizes, disapproves, or moralized, is never shocked, as the patient pours out his fears, his shames ,his guilt-feelings and his “bad thoughts.” For perhaps the first time in his life the patient experiences acceptance as a human being: he “feels” that his self has some worth and dignity, and he comes to accept himself, and to conceived of his “self” in new terms and views.-

One of our most precious human gifts is that we are born creators. We’re dreamers. Without that, I don’t hesitate to say we’d really be nothing at all.”


One Response to “What is the Image of your self”

  1. manisingh said

    As per your article,the analyst,I think,is like God, all accepting and
    full of love for any one individual or all individuals/human beings because he is aware that each individual is unique in his own unique way.

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