How if you become a…And WHAT will you do?

How if you become a… And WHAT will you do?

Posted by psydetect on January 16, 2007

 Many people around the globe were sometimes asking their selves : “How if i become like this or somebody and WHAT are the capabilities i can do?”
this philosopical question were inevitably asked in our selves privately or sharing this question in our folks as a part of our personal growth. At the very first time we can post here our views and comments to answer this question freely. We have a lot of answers that makes our ideas expressfully in many diffrent ways.

How if i Become a…And WHAT will you do?

Let me have an answers to this question:

Ex. How if i become like a expert blogger?

-“i will create some articles that will encourage peoples to show their ideas of how can we preserve the world in a appropriate way of living.”

Ex. How if i became a good football player?

-“I will try to show in the universe what i can do and offer in this game to makes some football and other sport enthusiast to practice more and love their craft.”

Those examples is a only small part or a tiny pebbles in the universal mind of man. When we learn to scrutinized and deliberate in our childhood years every single moments of our lives we often gropping and searchinng the best  answers to our question such as : “How, If, When” and some general questions that grows and learnd in ourselves. The most special and natural gifts that we have from God is we are bound to answer this question that depends in our learned experience and in the level of our understanding or perceptions. We are gifted to have a “dreams” which makes our own world to fullfill our life’s task and the home page of our subjectivity and objectivity as we are now today. But all of this actions and perceptions are stick into one question as we learn to ask “How if i become a…And WHAT i will do?  

Im inviting somebody and every each of one to post their comments, ideas about what we have discussing here regarding to the title of this one. it will help some people to get great ideas according to what we have posted here that makes encouraging to someone else. I believe that it will make many peoples  inspires about what you have posted and shared.

“We are all begin in the question of How if I become a…And WHAT will you do? as we are now today and tommorow.”


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